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Donald Trump Cares – He Really, Really Cares

I am a white, American man. Donald Trump cares about me. A lot. He really does want America to be great again – for me. He cares that I might be losing my unfair advantage in this country. He takes my white privilege very seriously and wants to preserve it. He cares about the young, white male generation; it deeply troubles him that there is a threat to their future as the sole power-holding citizens. He cares about keeping people color subjugated so they can continue to do all the hard work that makes my awesome life possible. He is super sympathetic that I am at risk of my wife becoming independent and leaving the home to pursue a career. He is empathic that I will lose my female servant.

Donald Trump cares about our reputation in the world. He is concerned that we have allies and friends – he wants to go it alone, except for our enemies. He cares about Russia and North Korea. He cares that they are viewed as “evil empires” – he thinks that is unfair. He respects them as great leaders and wants them to proudly stand by his side and dominate the world.

Donald Trump cares about the election. It is vitally important to him that he wins by cheating. He respects cheating and will be saddened if Biden wins fairly.

So, you see, Donald Trump is a very caring president and man.

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  1. Rash Limppaw Rash Limppaw September 10, 2020

    I couldn’t agree more! He cares about me too!! I’m also a white man who identifies as a white man.

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