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We are Appealing A Twitter Suspension

We’re restricted from posting anything to Twitter while we appeal what we consider to be a bogus suspension. Please follow us on Twitter at @RightWingBS to help us grow and continue to create content.

This was the reply to another of his ridiculous Tweets that caused us to lose our access.

As you can see, the man shaves his head. We assume with a razor. It appears he reported us and the Twitter bots saw the word razor and the word head in the same sentence and assumed we meant him harm. We did not.

It was our poorly worded and feeble attempt at humor. As you can clearly see, we believe the razor he uses to shave his head may be too sharp causing him to lose inelegance with each grooming. So we were trying to prevent him from doing more harm to himself. We should be awarded with a good service medal! Not suspended. We hope to win this appeal but it’s taking forever!

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