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Top 5 Stories NOT on now

Fox decides which news stories to report based on how it wants to control its viewers opinions. It’s that simple. How they play their stories is all the evidence needed. They ignore important news that hurts their agenda and hype news that they believe hurts their enemies and/or reinforces biases of their viewers.

On a day when other news organizations played the stories below as their lead or secondary stories, not one of these stories appeared on

  1. Manhattan Prosecutors Will Begin Presenting Trump Case to Grand Jury
  2. Sixth officer suspended in Tyre Nichols death investigation
  3. Antony Blinken in Jerusalem: Urgent steps needed for calm
  4. Wall Street Is Counting on a Debt Limit Trick That Could Entail Trouble
  5. Ukraine’s Zelensky Urges Faster Weapons Deliveries Amid Russian Push

What does Fox choose as their most important top story?

This was their top story: Illegal migrants refuse to leave NYC hotel for Brooklyn migrant relief center, sleep in the street

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