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Trumps Desperate Last Ditch Effort

If you are a Republican Representative or office holder in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, or Arizona be forewarned. As we have seen in Georgia with the antics of Sen. Lyndsey Graham calling on the Georgia Secretary of State to throw out Biden ballots to make Trump the winner, republicans are running scared.

President Donald J. Trump is stalling his concession to give his team of dirty tricksters time to dig up dirt on you. Dirt that he will use to bribe and blackmail.

Left with no other option than to “Steal the Election” from a legitimately elected Vice President Joe Biden, Trump needs to force an Electoral College coup d’état. He knows it’s a long shot because state legislators will not willingly overturn an election in their own state. So he and his buddies need to add extra incentive.

In 2016, Trump received the help of the Russians to hack into the email of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. They then mined information they could release to the media to use against Clinton.

What was scarcely reported, however, was the technique was also used on Republicans, not to release the sorted details to the media, but to blackmail them to play along. Powerful men like Sen. Lynsey Graham, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and others were undoubtedly blackmailed to provided Trump with a collection of powerful men he could manipulate.  That explains their 180 degree flip to undying loyalty.

The phishing technique is only one part of a coercion plan. The other technique corrupt organizations use is phone hacking.

In 2005-2007 and again in 2011, the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, used his British Tabloids to blackmail police, celebrities and  members of the Royal Family. They hacked into their phone messages to gain embarrassing information on them. They were able to bribe them to gain influence and get stories. And it worked. Until they got caught.

This time Trump is also pumping out false claims about voter fraud. The aim here is to rally his troops long enough to allow time to gain the illegally obtained stolen email and phone messages so he can pressure state legislature Republicans in contested states to appoint their own electors. For this fraud to work, It’s vital to stall as long as Trumpian possible.

The possibilities of post-presidency investigations, lawsuits and jail, has put the Trumps in a position unlike ever before. The pressure the President is now putting on his old coconspirators must be immense. 

Behind the scenes, the meeting Attorney General William Barr had with Murdoch last year is probably mild compared to what’s going on now. Trump is exerting so much pressure he’s even going after Fox News in public. And Russian Putin Vladimir, worried President Biden will retaliate against him, has his GRU working overtime to ensure a Trump victory. 

Be forewarned state Republican office holders, change your phones password. Don’t fall for any phishing schemes. American democracy depends on it.

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