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Texas Governor Cheats for Trump

CNN is reporting that Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation limiting election drop boxes to one box per county. Although CNN says Texas is a sprawling state, here’s what that policy would mean for the voters of Travis County, which encompasses both Austin and a town called Nameless, Texas. The town was reportedly named after multiple name suggestions for the town were rejected by the postal authorities in Washington.

Nameless and Austin are about 30 miles apart. If a Nameless voter wants to drop off a ballot, they have a one-way drive of about a 50 to 60 minutes, according to the Google Map above. But that’s just the first speed bump.

Once they get to the only place in in the county to drop off their ballot, the Nameless soul must hand-deliver their own mail-in ballot and present an acceptable form of ID at the location. that is speed bump number two. With a county population of 1.27 million residents, there is a decent chance there will be a long line. That is speed bump number three.

Ofter proving it is their ballot with an ID, and making it to the actual drop box, they must sign a signature roster so they will be allowed to drop their ballot into a ballot box.

The Nameless voter has an hour long drive back home.

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