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Trump: The Mozart Of Presidents

Katie Couric is making news!

Couric’s simple question to Sarah Palin about which news sources she read, sparked an hilarious SNL spoof by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Thank you ladies, all four of you!

However, this time, her latest piece isn’t as funny. It wasn’t even a piece, it was a tweet, two actually. But just as powerful!

Katie Couric @katiecouric – All three networks just handed their entire broadcasts to an extended photo op for @realDonaldTrump, Thoughts???????

Katie Couric @katiecouric – Honestly I find it infuriating. Why didn’t anyone have the balls to say we are not doing this? Please network executives. You were just played.

Couric nails this one. The President Of Vice Donald J. Trump is a master of media manipulation. He’s the modern day “Mozart of Media,” but instead of using notes, he uses major news outlets. But they both had daddy issues.

From the non-stop car chase coverage during his campaign to his latest chopper ride, Trump understands the “entertainment” value of television what “news” people do not — and he continues to play people like Zucker the sucker!

Come on men, grow a pair. And stop letting your thirst for ratings obscure your news judgment.

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