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Trump Fakes Positive COVID-19 Test

It’s a hoax.

President Of Vice Donald J. Trump, his wife, and his trusted aide, Hope Hicks do not have COVID-19.

His tweet announcing that he and FLOTUS “tested positive for COVID-19” was the first clue, he didn’t call it the “China Flu?”

Trump is lying.


Trump is known for ratcheting up the rhetoric and manipulating the media so he can control the narrative. With all the latest negative coverage: New York Times releasing Trumps taxes, the New Yorker’s exposé on the reason Kimberly Guilfoyle left Fox News, Trump’s horrible performance and Biden beating him among independents in the first Presidential debate – along with not condemning white supremacy and endorsing the Proud Boys – he needed the ultimate distraction.

Trump is a very shrewd man. He knows the “liberal media” would buy into the newest media cycle and take his tweet as fact. He knows his supporters will dread the news and his detractors will say “it serves him right.” And he knows the stock market will drop on the initial news. He wants that. It’s part of the intended consequences of his lie. Because when he “recovers” from a virus he doesn’t even have, he knows the market will see a huge jump right before the election. This might be the most genius move he’s made to try and downplay the virus and win the election. Or postpone the election.

Here’s how it will play out:

The President Of Vice and his wife will announce they are experiencing mild cases. For two weeks the White House will release stories about how they are both experiencing some symptoms which will slowly get more severe, and prevent him from taking part in any future debates, while at the same time keeping Biden out of the news. But he will never be admitted to the hospital. He will never have real medical staff see him, and diagnose his symptoms. Why? Because he does not have COVID-19.

When he’s rebounding, a week before the election, he’ll say he’s in his 70s but it wasn’t even as bad as a cold. His base will hold him up as an example of how much the Democrats and the media have overreached on the severity of the virus.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he went so far as to lie about an antidote. He’ll say he and Melania took it and it worked. No doubt he’ll say it was one of the things he’s been pushing. Maybe even Drano! Just like the stories that were released when British Prime Minster Boris Johnson contracted coronavirus. And just like Boris, Trump is counting on the sympathy of the American people to rally behind him.

He’ll show how “strong” he is for beating it. The greatest!

But this trick has been used and proven to work before by notorious con-man Ferris Bueller.

And the truth is, for most who contract the virus, the symptoms are indeed relatively mild. But for the 5% that get critically ill from the virus, half die. 2.5 people die, for every 100 that contract it. Across the country, that is a lot of people – over 200,00. But Trump will say it’s not that bad, and his idiot following will carry that torch higher than his white supremacist buddies. 

Meanwhile, back in the ICU, nurses have been caring for patients in full PPE for 6 months, with no end in sight. They contemplate the risks to themselves and their families every time they walk into a patient’s room. They watch people suffer on ventilators for months, unknowing whether they’ll see a miraculous recovery or a horrible lonely death.

Trump getting COVID is his biggest hoax since his taxes were released (4 days ago, that is) – and isn’t it conspicuous that he gets it shortly after close interaction with his former PR guru Hope Hicks? What a great way to get out of the next debates. 

This post was written by Rash LimpPaw, with major influence and contribution by Ronny Tromp and copy edited by QuellyAnd Conaway.

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  1. Mask less in Seattle Mask less in Seattle October 6, 2020

    He received the COVID-19 virus as a gift from the CDC and head of Infectious Disease. It was a novel vaccine. A known COVID infected patients sneezes into a Kleenex the passes it along the next person inhales deeply and gets passive and active immunity.

    They offered it to Joe Biden but he felt he was better off social distancing from that dirty Kleenex Vaccine tissue. Silly him, everyone he’s not smart and to prove it he passed on this vaccine and doesn’t have and antibodies for Covid. He also doesn’t have The Corona Infection. Look what he passed up.

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