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Barainwashed Few Are Not Worth Saving

I understand the anger that fuels MAGAts. The problem is that it’s an illusionary anger that’s been put in their minds after nearly 35 years of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and others. Throw the social media bombardment on top and you have a group of truly bat shit crazy people.

We can rebuild the bridge between liberals and conservatives. We can heal where healing is possible. But the 31 million or so Trump supporters can’t be reasoned with. They just can’t. We have to hope that over time the fanatical right wing media machine is held accountable and people come to their senses. That they are de-programmed so to speak. I’m not for conflict. But I’m also not for trying to make peace with these folks. They’re too far gone. Too far off the rails. I’ll put my time and effort into the important healing that has to happen, and to restoring what makes our country great.

Newsweek reported today that a YouGov Poll of Republican voters for Trump. 45% supported the Capitol riots. That’s 31 million people in a country of 330 million Americans. 31 million is less than 10%. 9.67 to be more exact. That’s who I’m referring to.

I don’t think the government has failed them. I think they’ve been brainwashed by the right wing media and by Trump’s lies for the last four years. 

I believe there are millions of good people who initially voted for Trump who feel as though the country has left them behind. Namely white men who are disgruntled because the focus for many years (rightly so) has been on minorities, women, and the gay and lesbian community. I agree that they feel ignored and treated unfairly by what they see as the elitist class and attitude. They are also bitter and resentful by what they see as handouts to everyone but them. I agree we do need to better understand their frustration and try to mend those wounds. I said that when Trump was initially elected. I think it’s why he was elected. The fact is that they have been lied to and are misguided.

I think there are also many racists among them, but that it stems mostly from ignorance, so there is a rational reason they feel the way they do.

These other folks are a different story entirely. They can only be saved by the dismantling of the machine that has created them. So yes, I think we ignore them. Doing otherwise just gives them and the right wing media more fodder. It feeds the demons inside them. We can’t help them. They will only come to their senses when the bombardment ceases. I truly believe they are mentally ill and can only heal over time with the lessening of the triggers that keep them in this state. 

Mass mental illness that can only be fixed by themselves, a therapist, a removal of the source and trigger, and time.

Sting said it best in his song “All This Time” — Men go crazy in the congregations, they only get better one by one. One by one. One by one by one. One by one.

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