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Trump To Buy White House

In an incredible turn of events, White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows has engineered a way for President of Vice Donald Trump to remain in the White House for the next four years, and beyond, if he feels like it.

Meadows has worked out a deal with a little known department of the Government Services Administration, GSA, to put 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue up for sale in and have the Trump Organization purchase it. 

The Surplus Federal Property Sales, which says on its website, “GSA helps federal agencies dispose of unneeded property by selling directly to the public. It sells personal property, real estate, and vehicles to the public through online auctions.”

The White House will be deemed unneeded and Trump will purchase it for $1. He will continue to hold events and press conferences at the White House indefinitely, and no one will tell him he’s not still the President.

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