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GOP: Change Symbol To Cricket

The Grand Old Party is changing its party’s symbol, having decided that an elephant, who is known for an outstanding memory, does not serve its long term interest.

To drive the point home, Chairman of the GOP Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chairman, winked when she replied “Can you repeat the question, I don’t remember what you just said,” to a reporter in her announcement over Zoom.

Earlier in November, as confirms, Romney McDaniel created a stir by forgetting that she was supposed to pretend Trump won the election and made a tweet implying Biden had won. Oops. “Thats the problem with the elephant. It always remembers,” she said.

Crickets on the other hand, can only be heard when everything else is quite, and to make that happen, no one can speak. “At this time in history, the Republican Party needs to be silent on a host of issues, COVID-19, the ending of democracy, President Trump trying to steal the election, upcoming lawsuits when that fails, among a thousand other things.

When a reporter asked Romney McDaniel if she was related to Mitt, all the reporter could hear was the sounds of crickets.

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