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Heavenly Report — Herman Cain Angry Woodward Didn’t release book Sooner

Recently deceased and former Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, was reportedly really upset with journalist and author, Rob Woodward, who reportedly reveals in his new book, “Rage,” that United States President Trump had acknowledge the deadly and real affects that the Coronavirus posed back in March of 2020. Rage is due out September,15, 2020.

RWN Heavenly New Correspondent, Walt CronKite, sending in his report through Devine Telepathy, conveyed that he was able to get an exclusive interview with Cain, moments after Cain ascended out of Purgatory earlier today and entered Heaven.

CronKite quoted Cain as stating, “I am totally fine with Donald for not wanting to panic everyone and lying about the dangers of the Coronavirus. Good call!. But I’m livid at Woodward for not immediately releasing that news. That was just unresposcable Journalism! Late News, which in my opinion is worse than Fake News because it could have saved my life. If I had know that Trump was lying when he told me the virus was a hoax, I would have worn a mask at the Tulsa Trump rally, which is where I caught the virus which later took my life.”

CronKite is currently investigating why it took Cain so long to get to Heaven. Some believe it could have been his proposed 999 tax plan, which may have gotten turned around in the afterlife and scared a Purgatory line judge when he saw the 666 on his file. Others suggest it was the a note in his file that linked him to the Tea Party, which is normally an immediate disqualification from Heaven. But a Devine source suggested the real reason may be nothing more than the original God Father not being amused by a mediocre pizza franchise using His name.

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