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Trump’s Plagues of The United States of America

And our Lord Trump punishes the lands with plagues. He inflicts disasters on the U.S. to force the Democrat members of The Congress and The Senate to allow The Republican members of The Congress and The Senate (along with his cult followers) to depart from reality. He shouts from the roof of The White House, “The Democrats shall know that I am the LORD.”

He’s spreading a deadly virus across our lands.

He’s turning our pristine waters to Exxon oil.

He’s unleashed swarms of killer bees (from Asia – probably China).

He’s scourging the lands with wild forest fires.

He’s delivering destructive hurricanes and catastrophic flooding upon The South (which is kinda ironic).

Climate change…

Systemic racism and the murdering of black men…


10 trillion dollar deficit…

The all powerful, all mighty, Donald Trump.

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