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Wall Street LOVES Biden!!

As Joe Biden increases his lead in the polls, the stock market is soaring. Wall Street does not want more of the instability, uncertainly, and disarray that Trump causes in every aspect of his presidency. They, like most of the country, are tired of the reality show we’ve been living in for the last four years. Did Trump provide a boost when he was elected? Sure. Did the tax cuts and the China trade deal have a positive impact? Sure – but it was never going to be long-lived. It was a shot in the arm – nothing more.

The fact is that we are going into an election with a sitting president that is presiding over the worst economy we have ever had. The deficit is larger than the economy. Unemployment is 10%. GDP is down $2.15 trillion (35%) in the second quarter.

We also have social unrest and division unlike anything we’ve seen in generations. Perhaps ever.

Trump’s isolationism has ruined our global alliances and pushed China and Russia into roles we formerly held on the global stage.

Worst of all, Trump’s complete and utter mishandling of COVID has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, the collapse of a economy, and immeasurable damage to the mental and physical wellbeing of our citizens, especially children.

Wall Street knows this will all continue under a Trump presidency. And they know it will all go back to normal under a Biden presidency. They see the change coming, and the market is reacting accordingly.

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