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Junior’s Thoughts On Murder — “We all do Stupid things…”

Obviously trying to prove his point, Donald Trump Jr. said on “#ExtraTV” last Tuesday, that “we all do stupid things…,” in defending, Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager facing murder charges for killing two protesters and shooting a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The host Rachel Lindsay reacted stunned at the phrase, forcing Junior to qualify his remark by adding glibly, “really stupid, fine.”

At the start of the clip, Lindsey asks Junior “So what are your thoughts on Black Lives Matter, and the movement that’s currently going on in the country.” That was it. That’s the gotcha question. Am I missing something? Is that a set-up question? Is that a mean question? I only ask because Junior reacted like he was jabbed in the side with a stick.

“The phrase Black Live Matter is obvious. I don’t, you know, no one in America says anything else!” The video then breaks into a split with a stunned Lindsey interrupting, “Yes they are!” “No one that I know,” retorts Junior.

Really? Does he watch Fox News? Does he talk to his father? Does he talk to anyone who self identifies as a Republican?

The fact that Junior can’t even say “Black Lives Matter” properly is telling. Then Junior goes on to say some truly remarkable things, “Maybe I wouldn’t put myself into that situation, who knows,” he says about Rittenhouse brandishing an AR-15.

Really? Maybe? He wants us to think that maybe he would grab an AR-15 and start shooting protestors? I think not. What he’s really doing is to subtly encourage others to do the same.

Click here to watch the two minutes and seven second video.

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