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Play GOP COVID-19 BINGO- 2020

Since the White House has decided not to contact trace the people in who contracted COVID-19, the New York Times is doing it for them.

Right Wing Nonsense is tracking the virus in Trumps “circle of influence,” with our new Bingo card.

Print your card out at home and mark your card to connect the people in President Of Vice Donald J. Trump’s orbit who test positive for COVID-19. When you connect any row, you win but we all loose!

Since Trump has told us all to chill out and not be afraid of the deadly virus that has killed over 215,000 Americans, and his supporters agree, we figured that no one would be upset with this little game.

But for those who do care and are keeping track of those who test positive in Trumps orbit, below is the growing list. It’s growing so fast it’s hard to keep up with. So fast in fact, that The Washington Post reported that more people in Trumps orbit contacted COVID-19 within the week than the entire 23 million people in the country of Taiwan. Click here to read that story.

Donald J. Trump (J is for Jerk)

Melania Trump

Hope Hicks

Stephen Miller

Nicholas Luna

Kayleigh McEnany

Karoline Leavitt

Chad Gilmartin

Harrison W. Fields

Jalen Drummond

Mike Lee

Thom Tillis

Charles W. Rey

Ronna McDaniel

Bill Stepien

Kellyanne Conway

Chris Christie

John I Jenkins

Greg Laurie

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