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Jamie Harrison Can Beat Lindsey “Lie’n” Graham

The Greenville News is reporting that recent polls show first-time candidate Jaime Harrison, 44, is tied with Senator Lindsey Graham, 65, for winning the Senate seat for South Carolina.

Harrison now has areal chance of beating one of the most confusing politicians of our lifetime.If you click here and donate to the Harrison campaign, you can help make it a reality!

Harrison explains his surge by telling the News; “He has simply lost touch with the people of this state,” the News reported Harrison as saying. “I want people to understand this — whereas Lindsey Graham is trying to scare them to vote for him, I am trying to inspire people to vote for me.”

Harrison has explained to South Carolina voters these issues he will work on as a US Senator; health care, protecting seniors, growing the middle class, national security, and rural hope agenda.

Graham, stuck with a confusing set of statements over the last four years has one issue he is running on, Democrats suck. Lie’n Graham is relying on how Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have defined the word “Liberal,” and “Democrat,”to their “mind-numb robot” and “ditto head” listeners who can’t think for themselves. Normally a pretty good strategy for a Republican. describes why Harrison handily beat the confused Graham in the debate with this headline; “Jaime Harrison’s Best Debate Weapon Against Lindsey Graham Was Lindsey Graham” Click here to read it.

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